Want To Make A Difference? Here Are Three Ways You Can Help Trees4Life

At Trees4Life, we rely on the support of generous people who share our passion for protecting and planting trees across the world.

Trees are vital for fighting climate change and they play a crucial role in our planet’s eco system. They are also a source of food and shelter that are relied upon by humans and animals everywhere.  However, without a concerted effort to look after and plant trees, we would be in trouble. Large-scale deforestation has destroyed rainforests in places like the Amazon and the need to plant more trees has become urgent.


Whether you are a business owner or an individual, there are plenty of ways you can support the work of Trees4Life as we fight to preserve the world’s trees and plant lots of new ones so generations to come can enjoy our beautiful planet.


If you’re a business…
We offer the opportunity for business to buy a whole grove of trees for £2,000. Shares in groves are also available. This contribution covers the cost of buying, planting and growing the trees from seedlings. In return, you get your company’s name displayed proudly on a plaque at your grove, a mention on our website and a certificate to recognise your support. It’s the perfect way to show off your ‘green’ credentials! To make a donation click here and complete the online form.


If you’re an individual…
Much of our support comes from eco-minded people like you who want to play their role in tackling climate change and taking care of the planet. From making a regular donation to taking part in a fundraiser, like hosting a tea and cake party, there are plenty of ways you can help us carry out our work.


If you’re a school…
Educating children about the importance of trees is absolutely crucial for the long-term preservation of our planet. We offer the chance for pupils to sponsor individual trees, or schools can even hold fundraising events in order to buy a whole grove of trees in their name. If you’d like to discuss supporting us as a school, please email info@trees4lifecampaign.com


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