Seven Reasons To Show Trees More Love

Trees are all around us – but you might never have given much thought to why they are so special. We think trees deserve more love – and here are seven reasons why…

Old tree on Samos

  1. They can help tackle climate change

Thanks to their consumption of carbon dioxide, trees play a big part in tackling global warming. That’s why, at Trees4Life Campaign, we’re dedicated to raising awareness of the need to plant and protect trees.


  1. They provide oxygen

It’s not just the fact that trees use up CO2 that makes them special. As part of the process of photosynthesis, they also give off oxygen, which, of course, all of us need to survive.


  1. They provide shelter

Many species of wildlife from birds to monkeys call trees big and small home. Even humans use trees to provide vital shelter in certain parts of the world.


  1. They grow food

From bananas to coconuts, some of the most delicious foods around are grown on trees. This food is relied on by communities across the world, as well as enjoyed in Western countries. Trees also provide a vital food source to animals and insects.


  1. They support biodiversity

Trees are part of an intricate ecosystem within forests where all different kinds of plants and animals rely on each other to survive and thrive.

Eco Friendly Key Showing Green And Environmentally Efficient

  1. They produce useful materials

Wood is an obvious product of trees – but we don’t have to cut trees down to find useful ways to use them. Certain trees found in Brazil, India, China and Southeast Asia produce rubber that is used to make tyres and the soles of your shoes.


  1. They’re beautiful

From the first blossoms in Spring to the fruit harvest in autumn, trees offer a stunning addition to the countryside and to gardens that everyone can enjoy.

Autumn Background



If you’d like to care for the planet and help protect the world’s trees, click here for more information.  To make a donation to support one of our Campaigns, click here.




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