Reduce your carbon footprint

How planting trees helps to reduce your carbon footprint

Trees help to reduce carbon emissions. As they grow, they help

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in the fight against climate change. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, store carbon in the trees and soil, and then release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Research shows that global warming is threatening the world’s trees. If current rates of fossil fuel emissions continue, the rainforests are in danger of collapse. In turn, deforestation exacerbates global warming when dying trees release their stored carbon back into the atmosphere. This vicious cycle could lead to irreversible and dangerous climate changes that would affect all life on the planet.

Planting trees is a simple step that anyone can take that reduces carbon dioxide and makes a pro active stand against global warming.

Click on the calculator above to find out what your carbon footprint is and how many trees you need to plant to offset this.

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