Project Indonesia

Trees4Life Campaign launched Project Indonesia to help re-plant thousands of trees in Indonesia, one of the most bio diverse regions in the World. Logging operations in Indonesia are endangering LIFE including, Sumatran tigers, orang-utans, elephants and a myriad of other species mostly unknown to the outside world. Between 1985 and 2007, the island of Sumatra alone lost 12 million hectares of natural forest; a 48 percent loss over 22 years.

Project Indonesia was completed in 2012.

On July 7th, 2013 Trees4Life Campaign in collaboration with WALHI, planted 2505 fruit and non-fruit trees. The planting was carried out in the following sub-districts in the upper course of the Cipendawa River, Blok Cipendawa, Kampung Gunung, Putri Desa, Sukatani Kecamatan, Pacet Kabupaten in Mount Gede-Pangrango National Park, North Cianjur of West Java.

The tree planting was attended by the local community leaders, village Heads, the locals of Sukatani Village, members of the Mount Putri Environment Lovers Family Forum, Gede Pangrango volunteers, the local people of Gunung Putri, as well as invited guests from the local college, and of course, the Gede Pangrango National Park.

A local cultural ceremony took place before all helpers assisted in planting the trees.

The following tree types were planted:

– Gede Pangrango endemic (80%)

  • Rasamala
  • Huru
  • Manglid
  • Puspa
  • Bambu/bamboo

– Fruit tree/ non timber (20%)

  • Alpukat /Avocado
  • Aren /palm sugar

Trees4Life Campaign would like to thank everyone who donated towards this Project thus helping to restore ecological sustainability in the green region and water reservoir as part of WALHI’s conservation programme.

All donors names have been printed on a signboard which has been erected in the National Park.

See list of Donors

Below are some images of the tree planting process and the signboard.