Project Bangladesh

Having completed Project Indonesia, we are now raising funds to plant 2,000 trees for Project Bangladesh. To make a donation click here.

In October 2013, we began this project by planting 250 fruit trees in the playground of five Schools. The Schools are Dokin Bali, Guzarai, Salamitila, Shompashi and Vad Gaw. Pupils from each School helped in the planting process and as you can see from the images below they had a really great time!

These children will take responsibility to nurture and maintain these trees, instilling a sense of responsibility within them to take care of their environment.

Once these trees mature and produce fruits, they will further benefit their local community as the fruits will be distributed to local orphanages, hospitals, etc.

We still have a long way to go to plant 2,000 trees so if you’d like to make a donation then you can do so by clicking this link.