The Truth: How Trees Help Fight Climate Change


We’ve all heard about climate change and how it is causing irreversible damage to the planet. Polar ice caps are melting, global temperatures are rising and the eco-system is suffering.

It’s a pretty depressing picture and it might be easy to get despondent and feel hopeless – but the truth is there is a way to help slow down he destructive force that is climate change and to make a positive change. That way is to plant and protect trees.

Trees help fight climate change because they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere through the natural process of photosynthesis. They store the carbon and release oxygen as part of their natural life cycle. This is good news for the environment because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that is produced in vast quantities from human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels.

Over time the release of CO2 into the atmosphere has led to more heat being trapped within the planet, causing a small but significant rise in global temperatures. This problem has been made worse by large-scale deforestation across the world, particularly in areas such as the Amazon rainforest.


Trees play a vital role in sustaining life and protecting the planet because of their ability to consume some of the excess CO2 in the atmosphere. The more trees that are planted and protected, the less carbon dioxide there is available to pollute the atmosphere and make the problem of global warming even worse.


Whether it’s planting a single tree in your back garden or getting involved with a charity like ours that is tackling the issue on a larger scale, every effort makes a difference.


At Trees4Life Campaign, it’s our mission to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect the world’s forests. We partner with communities and organisations around the world to plant and preserve trees. Find out more about the work we do or read about how you can help.

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