About us

Tackling the problem of climate change is a huge challenge – but it’s one that Trees4Life Campaign is facing head on.


From increasingly frequent natural disasters to shortages of water and food, the impact of damage to the environment and eco-system is hitting people hard – particularly those who live in poor, less developed countries.


Who are we?

We’re an innovative, global charity run by a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to tackling the root of the problem by partnering with communities and organisations around the world to plant trees and preserve the world’s precious forests.


Set up in 2010, we also work to raise awareness of the ecological and environmental problems affecting our planet and the importance of trees. Engaging people in tree-planting programmes across the world is a key part of our work, and we have achieved this in a number of ways, including through poetry competitions, running events and fundraising bazaars. Tree planting programmes allow us to help the environment and support some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.


Why are trees so important?

Trees4Life Campaign aims to highlight that LIFE cannot survive without trees.

Trees are a crucial part of positive environmental action. As carbon is released into the atmosphere by human activity, and as the world’s tropical rainforests are damaged by deforestation, damage to the environment gets worse. Trees are important because they are nature’s way of ‘locking in’ carbon. Planting more trees, and protecting the ones we have, are two of the most powerful ways to combat climate change and preserve our planet.


  • Provide shade for homes
  • Protect soil and block cold winter winds
  • Attract birds and wildlife
  • Clean the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • Purify our water
  • Fight against climate change
  • Add grace and beauty to our villages, towns, cities and countries


And more importantlytrees are in essence, the lungs of the earth.  They play a vital role in the preservation of LIFE from supporting animals and eco- systems, to ensuring the natural balance of the global carbon cycle by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Without trees, the carbon cycle would become unbalanced, leading to the destruction of LIFE.